Advanced Online Certificates

Professional Development offers Advanced Online Certificates to help you develop new skills, gain practical knowledge, and advance your career. These multi-week online certificates will give you an advantage in a highly competitive job market. Find out more below, including how to register for an Advanced Online Certificate today.

Data Science Certificate

Organizations today need professionals who can extract and analyze extremely large amounts of data - Big Data - and present useful insights to business leaders. If you're one of them, or would like to be, this certificate is for you. You'll come away with the kind of deep analytical skills and abilities that organizations and recruiters value. Register for the first 2 courses today. The other 2 courses will be offered later in 2019.

NEXT START DATE(S) for Data Science 1: Foundations of Data Science course: May 13, 2019
NEXT START DATE(S) for Data Science 2: Statistics for Data Science course: May 13, 2019
PRICE: $995 CAD (+ applicable taxes)


Project Leadership Certificate

The Project Leadership Certificate is a combination of project leadership and project management, two areas that are highly valuable in today’s workplace. Gain process-oriented knowledge, as well as softer skills and knowledge required to manage the many human and organizational aspects contributing to overall project failure or success. Register today and transform yourself into an effective project leader.

NEXT START DATE(S): May 21, 2019
PRICE: $2,900 CAD (+ applicable taxes)


Social Media For Business Performance Certificate

Start using social media tools efficiently and effectively. The Social Media for Business Performance Certificate will teach you how to apply social media to business challenges, and how to resolve these challenges and make your organization work more effectively. Learn the latest social media trends, potential growth areas, and gain practical skills and application strategies. Register today and become a social media leader.

NEXT START DATE(S): May 27, 2019
PRICE: $1,490 CAD (+ applicable taxes)


Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Certificate

Intended for people working in various sized organizations – from large companies to small startups – the certificate responds to the growing interest in technology based innovation. Based on Lean startup principles, this certificate includes technology based organizational innovation to enable established organizations to innovate more effectively. It can also help you take your idea from a concept to a business if that is your interest. Register today and turn your tech idea into a success.

NEXT START DATE(S): May 27, 2019
PRICE: $1,990 CAD (+ applicable taxes)