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In-class Essentials of Supervision Courses

Note - The PMBOK is changing, clients interested in project management courses should review the details and recommendations regarding the Sixth Edition of the PMBOK Guide.

Essential Skills for New and Potential Supervisors

An organization is only as strong as its first line supervision and management. First line supervisory and management positions have the capability to dynamically ‘leverage’ peoples’ productivity. This course helps people make the transition from team member to team supervisor/manager and enhances their capability to be successful in that role. The objective of the course is to enable participants to understand the fundamentals of supervising, managing and leading people. In addition to learning how to influence human performance, participants will use the Everything DiSC Management® Profile to help develop skills and approaches for directing, delegating, making decisions, managing time and solving problems. Additionally, participants will be able to improve how they work with their boss, peers and senior managers. Note: This course requires the completion of an online questionnaire prior to the course. Details and a URL will be emailed to registrants.

Morning refreshments and a light lunch will be provided.

There are currently no upcoming dates.

Performance Management and Development

Performance management is a key component of organizational success. This course empowers participants to successfully balance the triangle of effectively managing performance while inspiring and motivating employees and meeting numeric targets.

We will discuss the importance of maintaining objectivity and involving employees in developing and implementing work plans.

Upon completing this course you will:

  • Be more agile in how you manage performance.
  • Be able to establish key factors that impact on performance.
  • Build work plans that include Goals, Actions, Accountabilities, and Measures.
  • Better understand the gift of feedback.
  • Establish clear expectations.
  • Motivate using performance discussions.
  • Conduct continuous performance assessments.
  • Understand what discipline is and why it can be a blessing in disguise
  • Deal more effectively with problem performance

This course is designed for those who are responsible for the work of others and it will benefit people wanting more consistent delivery of key results.

Morning refreshments and a light lunch will be provided.

There are currently no upcoming dates.

Planning and Organizing Work

As a supervisor you are expected to plan and organize the work – not just your own but also for the people who work for you. Exactly how are you expected to accomplish this?

Upon completing this course you will be better able to answer the following questions:

  • How can I organize work effectively for my team?
  • What are the key planning skills required of an effective supervisor?
  • How do I set work priorities?
  • How do I adjust work priorities when change occurs?
  • What are potential pitfalls when communicating expectations to a team?
  • How can I balance keeping in touch with team members without interfering with productivity?

This course will help you improve results by aligning team member’s tasks with organizational and team goals. You will leave with practical tools that will instil confidence as you plan and organize work with your team.

Course Content includes:

  • The Front Line Supervisor: Master of Double Talk
  • Planning and Organizing Your Own Work
  • SMART Goals
  • Effectiveness and Efficiency
  • Setting Priorities (and Changing Them!)
  • Planning and Organizing Your Team’s Work
  • Setting and Communicating Clear Performance Expectations
  • The Key to Keeping in Touch with Work and Staff
  • Delegation

Morning refreshments and a light lunch will be provided.

There are currently no upcoming dates.

Hiring and Retaining Staff

Surveys and exit interviews show that employees don’t leave organizations - they leave bad bosses.

In today’s competitive labour market, it is essential to hire competent and motivated employees. You also need to provide a work environment that meets the ongoing needs of your staff and encourages them to stay and grow within the organization.

Upon completing this course you will:

  • Be better able to attract the best people and retain them after they are hired.
  • Fully utilize a selection process that makes it easy to identify employees who are best suited for vacancies (this process can be used for hiring new employees as well as for internal vacancies).
  • Know what motivates an increasingly younger workforce – and you will discover what are considered to be strong motivators for employee satisfaction but in fact, are not.
  • Provide those things that will encourage your employees to stay and grow within your organization.

Morning refreshments and a light lunch will be provided.

There are currently no upcoming dates.

Supervisory Communication Skills

Effective communication is the lifeblood of any successful organization and a crucial aspect of every supervisor’s job. In this course we will explore the essentials of supervisory communication and share concepts and techniques that will help participants:

  • Understand the purpose, benefits and process of effective two-way communication
  • Communicate their needs, ideas and expectations more clearly, convincingly, confidently and positively
  • Listen more effectively to the needs, ideas and expectations of others
  • Adapt their communication style to suit different people and situations
  • Respond appropriately to conflicts when they arise
  • Create an environment that encourages clear, honest and focused exchanges of ideas and information
  • Communicate in a way that fosters understanding, strengthens relationships and improves teamwork

Morning refreshments and a light lunch will be provided.

Starts on Wednesday December 6 2017

1-day In-class course: 8:30 am - 4:00 pm
Instructor(s): Craig Ryan
Location: 195 Columbia St W., Waterloo
Fee: $490.00 + HST
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