Being the Boss: Is This For Me?

Are you thinking about becoming a supervisor or manager? Are you new to supervision or management and wondering just what you have got yourself into?

Often we don’t really know what a supervisory or managerial job requires – or if it is a career option we would enjoy. In this one day course, we explore what the typical front line supervisory/managerial position entails.

Upon completing this course you will better understand:

  • If this is a career option you wish to pursue.
  • Your organization and where the supervisory or managerial role fits in.
  • The similarities and differences between management and leadership.
  • The benefits of regularly examining your assumptions about people and work.
  • What really motivates people.
  • The power of effective two-way dialogue using both listening and asking questions.
  • Conflict – why it occurs and how to deal with it.
  • Why delegation is the key to effective supervision and management.
  • How to respond when someone challenges your authority.
  • Techniques for working effectively with people during times of change.

Morning refreshments and a light lunch will be provided.

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