Advanced Project Monitoring and Control

This course focuses on the execution, monitoring and control, and project completion aspects of project management. Using group discussions, realistic project scenarios, and exercise simulations, participants will learn how to apply advanced techniques of project management to actively navigate their project to a successful outcome. The emphasis of this course will be placed on applying context and common sense to the application of all learned tools and techniques in order to achieve tangible real world value, and a smooth transition from classroom to actual projects.

Topics include:

  • techniques for accurately conveying the project status

  • earned value analysis

  • control accounts – selecting the appropriate level at which to monitor the progress of a project

  • spotting trends in project performance
  • utilizing forecasting techniques to facilitate pro-active decisions that keep a project on track

  • quantitative risk analysis
  • decision analysis

  • applying sound quality management principles to projects

  • contract/procurement

  • interim and post project reviews

Prerequisite: Project Management Applied Tools and Techniques

NOTE: The curriculum is compatible with the project management industry standard set by the Project Management Institute (PMI®). Waterloo partners with a project management training provider to offer courses that qualify for PMP Professional Development Units (PDUs). You will receive electronic notes that parallel the course content and serve as an excellent project management resource tool.

May be applied toward the Project Management Certificate or the Advanced Project Management Certificate.

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3 Day In-Class Course Monday November 7 2022,
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