Course Schedule

Most in-class courses are offered at our training facility at 195 Columbia St. West, Waterloo, Ontario on the University of Waterloo campus. The building is named East Campus 3 (EC3). Ample parking is available in Lot Q beside our building.
September 2019
Sep 23Project Management Applied Tools and Techniques
October 2019
Oct 1Understanding Human Behaviour
Oct 2People Skills: The Secret Behind Project Success
Oct 2The Art of Negotiation
Oct 3Essential Skills for New and Potential Supervisors
Oct 4Managing Stakeholder Expectations
Oct 4Team Building and Team Dimensions
Oct 7Juggling Multiple Projects
Oct 9Meetings Mean Business
Oct 10PMP Exam Preparation
Oct 10Coaching for Success
Oct 11Planning and Organizing Work
Oct 15Proofreading and Editing
Oct 15Leading People to Effectiveness
Oct 16Agile Project Management Hands On
Oct 17Effective Communication
Oct 18Change Management for Project Success
Oct 21Getting More Life Out of Your Time
Oct 21Applying Agile to Non-Technology Projects
Oct 21Comprehensive Business Analysis - Part 1: Planning and Communication
Oct 22Guerrilla Grammar®
Oct 22Managing the Opportunities Provided by Conflict
Oct 23Supervisory Communication Skills
Oct 23Advanced Project Monitoring and Control
Oct 25The Art of Plain Language
Oct 29Microsoft Project 2016
Oct 30Product Vision to Story Mapping for Agile Projects
Oct 31Managing Complex Projects
Oct 31Strategic and Business Planning
November 2019
Nov 1Scrumban: The Best of Scrum and Kanban
Nov 5Delegating for Dynamic Results
Nov 6Getting More Life Out of Your Time
Nov 7Leading Change for Team Leaders
Nov 8Problem-Solving and Decision-Making for Leaders
Nov 11Project Management Applied Tools and Techniques
Nov 11Understanding Human Behaviour
Nov 12Team Building and Team Dimensions
Nov 13Performance Management and Development
Nov 19Report & Proposal Writing
Nov 19Business Analysis for the Project Manager
Nov 21Scaling Agile for Large Projects and Portfolios
Nov 22Disciplined Agile - A Framework for Scaling Agile Delivery
Nov 25People Skills: The Secret Behind Project Success
Nov 25Coaching for Success
Nov 26The Art of Negotiation
Nov 27Managing Stakeholder Expectations
Nov 27Talent Management Tools and Techniques
Nov 27Effective Communication
December 2019
Dec 2Agile Project Management Hands On
Dec 2Comprehensive Business Analysis - Part 2: Elicitation, Documentation, and Analysis
Dec 5Hiring and Retaining Staff
Dec 6Responding Effectively In Difficult Situations
Dec 9Applying Agile Within A Virtual Team Environment
Dec 10Persuasive Writing
Dec 10Managing the Opportunities Provided by Conflict
Dec 11Writing Matters
Dec 11Supervisory Communication Skills
Dec 17Persuasive Speaking