In-Class/Virtual Certificates

Our In-class/Virtual Certificates provide you with a variety of tools and techniques which can help you achieve your personal and career goals. Each certificate is comprised of 3-5 courses which are offered at various times throughout the year. Some offer a selection of courses to choose from, so you can tailor your certificate to your personal needs and interests. In others, the curriculum aligns with industry standards set by professional bodies like the Project Management Institute and prepares you for certification through those organizations. Browse the certificates below to learn how each can help you enhance your skill set.

The required courses for each certificate must be completed through Professional Development at the University of Waterloo.

Business Communications Certificate

Set yourself apart in today’s competitive workforce. Develop effective written and verbal communication skills so you can present ideas successfully.

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Essentials of Supervision Certificate

Develop the fundamental skills you need to be a successful supervisor. Learn how to hire the right people, encourage a productive team, and have an impact on key metrics.

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Leadership Certificate

Learn how you can go from a follower to a leader. This certificate will provide you with the insights and skills you need to lead a team to success.

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Advanced Leadership Certificate

Building on the Leadership Certificate, the Advanced Leadership Certificate uses experiential learning to help you develop your skills, further understand how to work with people and how to transform a team or organization.

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Project Management Certificate

Add project management techniques and processes to your toolbox and gain the confidence to apply them effectively. After completing this certificate, you will have the skills to deliver projects on target, on time and on budget.

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Advanced Project Management Certificate

Differentiate yourself from others in your field with an advanced project management certificate. Build on your existing project management knowledge and enhance your skill set in the areas that will benefit your career the most.

Last chance to sign up for the Advanced Project Management Certificate! The certificate will be retired on December 31, 2022.

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