Online Certificates

Our Professional Development certificates provide you with a wide variety of tools and techniques which will help you achieve your personal and career goals. Each certificate is comprised of 3 or 4 courses which are fully online and are offered every month. You are permitted to take 2 courses within the same start date. There are no admission requirements, and no deadlines to complete the certificate. All courses must be taken through Professional Development at the University of Waterloo in order to be eligible.

Advanced Web Design and Development

Take your web design skills to the next level and improve your qualifications with this certificate. You'll write your own HTML code and delve into CSS3 and HTML5 and more.

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Business Essentials

This certificate will provide a great understanding of the essentials of business. You will gain confidence in financial planning, leadership, and accounting. You will also develop your time management skills, understand how to handle basic human resources functions, and acquire practical business experience.

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Computer Hardware and Networking

Computers and networks are everywhere. By the time you complete this certificate you will understand networks and PC security and how software and hardware work together to solve many of today's issues.

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Customer Service

In this certificate you'll learn how to understand yourself, your team, and your customers. Learn how to develop successful relationships with others, while mastering techniques to achieve your goals and avoid many types of mistakes.

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Effective Workplace Communication

Learn how to communicate more effectively at work by enhancing your written, verbal and nonverbal communication skills and gain practical skills you can use today to be more confident and create better professional relationships.

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Essentials Of Digital Photography

This certificate will provide all the knowledge, skills and techniques you need to take your digital photography to new heights. You’ll understand the relevant digital photography, equipment and software.

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Essentials Of Web Design

This program provides the fundamental knowledge and skills to begin creating effective websites.

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Introduction to Databases

This certificate will teach you all you need to know to plan, organize and manage your data, and how to translate that data into clear, easy-to-understand documents.

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Introduction to Graphic Design Tools

This Certificate is no longer available.

Introduction to Project Management

This certificate will provide you with the basic tools and techniques you need to plan, implement, control and close any type of project and increase the probability of it's successful completion.

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Logistics and Supply Chain Management

This program provides the fundamental knowledge and skills to begin a career in logistics and supply chain management. You will learn the basics of the supply chain, distribution and logistics functions and acquire the necessary strategies and tactics to productively manage these critical company roles.

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Microsoft Office Elements

This certificate is designed to provide you with exposure to many of the core software packages in the Microsoft Office Suite.

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Sales and Marketing Fundamentals

When you complete this certificate you'll have developed powerful skills and techniques to compete more effectively, even with a limited budget. You'll discover how to turn prospects into buyers, how to think strategically about sales and marketing, how to build an online brand identity, and more!

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Small Business

Take the first stop towards long-term success in your small business. You'll touch on everything from marketing to financing to employee management.

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Whether you are seeking to develop core skills to prepare for a supervisory position or to enhance your effectiveness as a current team leader, the Certificate in Supervision will help you obtain practical knowledge that can be immediately applied.

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