Effective Workplace Communication Certificate - Online

This certificate will help you communicate more effectively at work. You will enhance your written, verbal and nonverbal communication skills and gain practical skills you can use today to be more confident and create better professional relationships. The polished skillset you develop will improve your career prospects and help you achieve your organization's goals and objectives.

Complete four of the following:

Note – All courses must be taken through Professional Development at the University of Waterloo in order to be eligible for the certificate from Professional Development.

Each course is 6 weeks long, followed by a 2-week period to complete the final exam (online, open book) and you are not required to be online at any specific time. Lessons are released on Wednesdays and Fridays of each week. For planning purposes we suggest setting aside 2 hour per lesson as a starting point.

To register, click the course links above and select a start date. Instructions on how to access your course will be emailed to you immediately after registration. It is best practice to enroll for no more than 2 courses with the same start date to achieve the highest learning outcome.

When completed
Email makeithappen@uwaterloo.ca with the following and we will email the certificate to you:

  • your name
  • certificate name
  • courses completed (names and dates)