MOAT – Online

Course Details

This course is delivered online, over 12 weeks, combining a self-paced learning module, and a series of clinical simulations.

Online Module

The online component is delivered through Waterloo's online learning management system, LEARN. The goal of this component is for participants to gain a thorough understanding of the information required to effectively manage warfarin therapy under a medical directive. This online learning module is comprised of required readings, a practice clinical scenarios assignment, an online test, and a short reflective survey.

High speed internet access is required. Before registering, you should check your computer system to make sure it meets the minimum requirements.

Note: To increase the security and protection of your uWaterloo account you will be required to enrol in the University's 2 Factor Authentication service (2FA) to gain access to our online learning management system - LEARN.

In the Clinic Simulations

After completing the self-paced learning section, participants will complete simulated patient interactions, which provide the learner with practice interacting with patients to properly assess and manage warfarin therapy. These interactions will provide learners with the opportunity to apply their knowledge to common clinical scenarios encountered in an anticoagulation practice. By the end of this module, participants will be confident and competent to make warfarin-dosing decisions.

Evaluation of Participants

You will be evaluated in three manners:

  1. responses to the case studies assigned in the online module
  2. performance on a test to be completed after finishing the online module
  3. performance in the clinic simulations

Course Fee:

$1,500 Cdn. plus HST. Payment can be made by Visa, MasterCard or American Express only.

Refund Policy

Refunds will be granted before the course start date. Once the course has started, no refunds will be issued and you cannot transfer to a subsequent start date.

2022 MOAT Program Dates

  • January 25
  • March 7
  • May 2
  • July 4
  • September 12
  • November 7

You will receive a confirmation email from the University of Waterloo after submitting your registration as well as an electronic receipt and detailed instructions for accessing the course.