Project Leadership Certificate

Gain Confidence to Successfully Lead Any Project

Project leadership is a valuable skill in any industry. Projects have become more complex and proper leadership and management is crucial for project success. The University of Waterloo Project Leadership Certificate is the first of its kind in Canada and uses industry experts to teach you the knowledge and techniques needed to transform you from a project manager to a successful project leader.

Graduates of the Project Leadership Certificate will gain process-oriented knowledge as defined by Project Management Institute's Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®), as well as softer skills and how to manage many human and organizational aspects of a project. Start leading your organization’s projects to success!


Certificate Details

FORMAT  Online



NEXT START DATE(S)  Currently undergoing revisions, please check back later.


WITHDRAWAL AND REFUND POLICY  Email before the Project Leadership start date to receive a 100% refund.
No refunds will be given on or after the course start date.

"The University of Waterloo’s Professional Development program facilitates an outstanding learning experience with highly developed, qualified, and credible instructors. I highly recommend these courses and certificate programs for any professional looking to specialize and enhance their skill sets, or like in my case, build a toolbox of their own!"
Jared Foxworthy, CAPM, Founder, Hive Mind

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the online seminars and video sessions available outside 9 to 5 work hours or do I need time during my work week to participate?
You can access the seminars and video any time of the day.

Are there prerequisites required to enrol?

When are the live seminars?
The live seminar will be held on Thursday evenings at 5:30 pm EST

What are the requirements?
You must commit 10-12 hours per week and participate regularly. There will be a final grade assigned based on participation in the weekly activities.

Who is the certificate for?
The certificate will benefit new and existing project leaders and project managers who may come from a wide variety of industries and job functions, such as IT, finance, operations, human resources, and product and process management. It will also appeal to others whose role requires significant cross-functional interaction and co-operation.

Is the certificate tax-deductible?
The University of Waterloo does not issue a T2202 tax slip for this certificate.

What textbooks do I require?
A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) – Sixth Edition.


Curriculum at a Glance

Weekly Topics PMBOK® Guide Focus Leadership Focus
1. Orientation The process to become PMP® certified Orientation to the online course environment
2. What is Project Management? The project management framework Why projects fail - the human and wider organizational issues
3. Project Management Ideologies The standard for project management of a project Understanding the range and where the PMP® certified project manager fits
4. Integrating Project Management Activities The project management knowledge areas - project integration management The role of the project manager
5. Controlling Project Scope Project scope management Why projects exceed their scope
6. Keeping Projects on Schedule Project time management Strategies for keeping projects on time
7. Financial Matters Project cost management Involving stakeholders
8. Achieving Appropriate Quality Project quality management Quality management tools and techniques
9. Creating an Effective Project Team Project human resources management Managing project teams
10. Maximizing Project Awareness and Participation Project communications management Communications tools and techniques
11. Risk Management Project risk management What causes crises even after project rtisk management is undertaken?
12. Managing the Project Supply Chain Project procurement management Managing procurement quality and relationships
13. Leadership Skills Project leadership Motivation skill


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