Social Media For Business Performance Certificate

Develop Successful Social Media Strategies

Social media is an exciting way to build your career. It is the modern way for businesses and brands to connect with consumers and have two-way conversations. The Professional Development Social Media for Business Performance Certificate is a highly interactive certificate that will teach you the skills you need to improve your organization’s performance through social media. Get the latest knowledge and skills to set yourself apart and advance your career.

Organizations today strive to be more efficient and more effective. Social media can enable an organization to be more productive, build relationships, and positively affect the bottom line. Be a part of your organization’s social media and business performance success.


Certificate Details


10 weeks

10-12 hours

January 28, 2019  |  May 27, 2019

$1,490 CAD (+ applicable taxes)

Email before the Social Media for Business Performance start date to receive a 100% refund.
No refunds will be given on or after the course start date.


Curriculum at a Glance

Topics will include:
  • Introduction to Enterprise Social Media
  • Employee Involvement
  • Customer Engagement
  • Product Development and Design
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Social Media Metrics
  • Marketing
  • Future Development
  • Whole Enterprise Social Media
This highly interactive online certificate features:
  • course blog contributions
  • enterprise strategy online discussions
  • networking on the Internet to promote the course blog
  • monitoring blog traffic
  • live seminars

"The highlight was the practical experience I was able to gain...I walked away with a greater appreciation for how social media can assist us in meeting our communications objectives."
SUSET SILVA - Communications Manager, Peel Children and Youth Initiative

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there prerequisites required to enrol?

What are the requirements?
You must commit 10-12 hours per week and participate regularly. There will be a final grade assigned based on participation in the weekly activities.

Who should take this?
Professionals from a wide variety of fields and organizations, including: universities, insurance companies, municipal and regional government, non-profits, hospitals, banks, hotels, IT, retail, telecommunications, manufacturing and many more.

How long does the certificate take to complete?
It takes 10 weeks to complete.

When are the live seminars?
The live seminar will be held on Thursdays evenings at 6:15 pm EST

Are the online seminars and video sessions available outside 9 to 5 work hours or do I need time during my work week to participate?
You can access the course content any time of the day. Online seminars will be archived for later viewing if you are not able to attend the specified time.

When do I receive a receipt?
Your official receipt will be delivered to you by email.

What happens if I need to withdraw from a course?
To withdraw from the certificate, email Withdrawals received before the course start date will result in a 100% refund. There will be no refund given for withdrawals received on or after the course start date.


Weekly Schedule

Week 1 - Introduction to Enterprise Social Media
Week 2 - Employee Involvement
Week 3 - Customer Engagement
Week 4 - Product Development and Design
Week 5 - Supply Chain Management
Week 6 - Social Media Metrics
Week 7 - Marketing
Week 8 - Future Development
Week 9 - Whole Enterprise Social Media
Week 10 - Course Wrap Up


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