Virtual Communication Courses

Responding Effectively in Difficult Situations

Every day we encounter situations where people speak or behave in ways that feel disrespectful to us. Often these are people with whom we need to maintain an ongoing relationship. Responding effectively in such situations can prevent ongoing tension and promote understanding opening lines of communication between friends, colleagues and family members.

This 3-part, interactive virtual workshop will provide individuals with the knowledge, skills and a framework to help them effectively respond to disrespectful comments, address difficult behavior, and manage difficult conversations inside and outside the workplace. Discussion will focus on both traditional and virtual work environments. Opportunities will also be provided to practice skills and receive instructor feedback.

Topics include:

  • Early response strategies such as:
    • Responding to disrespectful comments: 5 Steps
    • What not to do - a review of ineffective responses.
  • Overcoming communication barriers:
    • Managing the Difficult Conversations.
    • Assessing factors that make the conversation difficult.
    • Planning and extending an invitation to engage in the conversation.
    • Actively participating in a difficult conversation.
  • Knowing when it is time to seek help.
    • Identifying indications of deteriorating relations.
    • Recognizing and responding to harassing behaviour.
  • We will also discuss:
    • What if it's your boss?
    • What if you are the boss?
    • The impact of power imbalances in general.

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