Managing Stakeholder Expectations

Managing Stakeholder Expectations

7 PDUs / Contact Hours: 0 Technical | 0 Leadership | 7 Strategy

Project stakeholders come in all shapes and sizes and while the expectations of some may be straight forward and closely aligned with project goals, others may have expectations which are unknown, or not achievable given the purpose and scope of the project. One of the most challenging aspects of many projects is managing these stakeholder expectations. Learn to do it well, and you will have a much easier time, and be much more likely to achieve success. Do it poorly, and before you know it, you may be bogged down in endless meetings and complaints.

Learn to:

  • understand the importance of managing stakeholders
  • identify the project stakeholders
  • effectively define stakeholders' influence and requirements for your projects
  • prepare a Stakeholders' Management Plan
  • manage project stakeholders by implementing the Stakeholders' Management Plan
  • understand the ethical issues in managing project stakeholders
  • generate and use the information from past projects
  • make a plan for enhanced stakeholders' management efforts for your project(s)..

NOTE: This course conforms to the internationally recognized standards of the Project Management Institute (PMI). You will receive 7 Professional Development Units (PDUs)upon completion and electronic notes that parallels the course content and serves as an excellent project management resource tool.

May be applied toward the Project Management Certificate.

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Instructor(s): Carl Sergeant
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