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  • Learning Creative Thinking Strategies
    Creatively thinking is a valuable skill. Learn how to apply this in your professional and personal life through applying creative thinking tools, strategies, and techniques to various scenarios.
  • Responding Effectively In Difficult Situations
    Dealing with difficult situations seems to be an unavoidable part of life. Responding effectively in these situations can transform the situation and contribute towards a better future. Learn the knowledge and skills to effectively deal with difficult conversations in the workplace and outside the workplace.

Planning to write the PMP Exam? Here is what you need to know.

The PMBOK Guide — Sixth Edition is now here, however, up until March 26, 2018, the PMP exam will still be based on PMBOK – Fifth Edition.

How different is the Sixth Edition?

The Sixth Edition of the PMBOK is 168 pages larger than the previous edition. While there are many minor changes (e.g. Time Management is now referred to as Schedule Management), there are also a number of significant changes. For example, there is a completely new chapter focusing on the role of the Project Manager, and each knowledge area now has four new sections – including considerations for Agile/Adaptive Environments. As such, depending on when you plan on writing the exam, you will need to prepare using different materials.

What do you recommend

Historically, in the final months prior to the introduction of the updated PMP Exam, there are a rush of people wanting to write the exam on the current version (there is less risk when dealing with a known entity). The result is that as March 26, 2018 (the date for the new exam) gets closer, it will likely become more difficult to book an exam session — especially in some of the more popular areas. We therefore not only recommend that you do not wait until the last minute to book your exam, but that you plan on writing no later than by mid-February so that if you do not pass the exam on your first try (yes that definitely can happen!), you will still have sufficient time to rewrite the exam based on the current version and not end up having to study for your second attempt using the updated PMBOK Guide.

If, on the other hand, you were planning on writing the PMP (or CAPM) exam in the first quarter of 2018, we recommend holding off until approximately 2 or 3 months after the exam change. We recommend this in order to allow sufficient time for the new exam to stabilize and become less of an unknown entity (it is a multiple choice exam, and it takes a few real world iterations before PMI usually strikes the right balance between it being too easy or too hard).

New In-Class Certificate - Essentials of Supervision

We are pleased to introduce a new certificate – Essentials of Supervision Certificate – designed to provide valuable insight, knowledge, and skills for new supervisors, existing supervisors, and especially people aspiring to supervisory positions in the future. Each of the 1-day courses (5 in total) are offered this fall with subsequent dates to follow in 2018.

New Start & End Times

Beginning in September our in-class courses will begin and end 30 minutes earlier. We anticipate this will help reduce the impact of traffic congestion on those who are travelling from a distance. The new start time is 8:30 am and the end time is 4:00 pm.

Hans Aggarwal Memorial Scholarship - Business Analysis Clients

We partner with a leading provider for our business analysis courses. Sadly one of their instructors, who taught for us, passed away earlier this year following a long battle with cancer. To honour the life and contributions of her, Procept Associates Ltd. has created a scholarship in her name. Details are available on their website.

Goodbye Print Calendar

We will not be printing and mailing a fall calendar. All the content and more can be found on our website - dates, course descriptions, instructor bios, certificate descriptions, client testimonials, and more.