Looking at 2020

Personal message from our new Associate Director, April Philpotts.

When I joined the University last fall, I shared that the education landscape is changing, which makes it an exciting time to work in the Professional Development field.

It is now expected that people will continue educating themselves throughout their professional lives (see The 60-Year Curriculum: What universities should do), and many companies are investing more and more in employee training in order to attract and retain an ambitious and talented workforce.

Waterloo Professional Development is forging the path to where traditional learning needs to go. Throughout 2020, we will be meeting with community and industry partners, our faculty and internal subject matter experts, and our learners and alumni to validate what programs and services are most in demand so we can meet those needs.

Agile and flexible, we respond to the needs of the workplace and provide engaging offerings that are cutting-edge and timely for learners at all phases of their career. Stop by if you are local or drop us a line if you have feedback or an idea to share.

April Philpotts, Associate Director
Desk: 519-888-4567 ext. 45876