eNewsletter for January 19, 2021

How to Keep Climbing the Ladder While You Work From Home

You're stuck working from home, but does your career need to be stuck, too? Many companies are pushing return-to-office dates deep into 2021, so workers face more months toiling from spare bedrooms and kitchen tables. Here are a few quick tips to keep progressing professionally:

  • Ask how you're doing: It's okay to seek feedback more often now that people aren’t in the same office. It's also more important than ever to keep track of your to-do list, with quick check-ins to clarify or confirm directions.
  • Level up your skills: It might be time to expand or deepen your skill set. Ask your manager what you should focus on improving or which skill he or she is using most right now. There are plenty of classes offered that you can take from the comfort of your own home; here's a list of upcoming virtual courses to get you started.
  • Interactions matter: In online meetings, be present and visible. In a virtual meeting, all faces are seen at all times by everyone. Keep your camera on and lean in a bit to show you are focused. Try to come up with one smart comment or provocative question in the meeting so you're seen as bringing value.

Adapted from the New York Times' "How to Keep Climbing the Ladder While You Work From Home" by Julie Weed.

Responding Effectively in Difficult Situations (March 1, 3, 5 | 10:00 am – 12:00 pm)

This interactive course will provide you with the knowledge, skills and a framework to help you effectively respond to disrespectful comments, address difficult behaviour and manage tough conversations inside and outside the workplace. It will be held in convenient two-hour segments over three days. During the course, you will have opportunities to practice your new skills and receive immediate instructor feedback to solidify the new concepts and strategies. Topics for this virtual instructor-led course include:

  • Early response strategies
  • Overcoming communications barriers
  • Knowing when to seek help

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Upcoming Virtual Instructor-Led Courses

The start of a new year often provides an incentive to begin something new – perhaps working towards fitness, relational or career goals. Our virtual, instructor-led courses can help move you forward with your career goals. We offer a selection of business analysis, communications and project management courses to upgrade your skills and position you for expanded responsibilities, including:

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  • Statistical concepts and techniques including regression, correlation and clustering.
  • Data management systems and technologies that reflect concern for security and privacy.
  • Techniques and technologies including data mining, neural network mapping and machine learning.
  • How to represent big data findings visually to aid decision-makers.

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