COVID-19 Update

The University has suspended all in-person events until further notice so Professional Development has cancelled all scheduled upcoming in-class courses. Some of these courses have been replaced with virtual instructor-led courses, details and upcoming start dates are available on this page. Details about new course offerings will continue to be posted as they are finalized.

We continue to offer 170+ online courses in many popular topics, with monthly start dates. You can select a single course or work towards one of our many certificates. Our advanced online certificate in Data Science is another option, the next start date for these courses is September 28.

Posted: June 18, 2020 at 11:49am

Registration is open for these upcoming virtual instructor-led courses:

Start Date Course Title
July 6 Project Management Applied Tools and Techniques
July 13 Disciplined Agile Lean Scrum Master
July 17 Change Management for Project Success
July 20 MS Project 2016
July 23 Business Analysis for the Project Manager
Aug 5 People Skills: The Secret Behind Project Success
Aug 7 Managing Stakeholder Expectations
Aug 10 Agile Project Management Hands On
Aug 24 Advanced Project Monitoring and Control
Aug 27 Managing Complex Projects

Client Testimonial

"I was skeptical about online participation. [The online learning platform] worked great. The Miro board was surprisingly easy to use. In some ways, participation was enhanced (versus in class). Hopefully, the word gets out and more students have confidence in the online offering of this course."
Todd White

"We wanted to create an engaging instructor-led experience that is more interactive than what has traditionally been offered online. Based on the high level feedback at the end of the course I think we nailed it! Participants were saying they were a little skeptical coming in but at the end we heard “things were seamless” and it was “flawless”. From my perspective as an instructor I would say it was a fantastic experience, probably one of the best change management courses we have ever run. I’m really pleased with that and I look forward to teaching more of these virtual instructor-led courses."
Carl Sergeant

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